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When young Americans are considering the most lucrative careers, many of them consider careers in law, medicine, or big business. While it is never a sure thing, stock trading can be one of the most financially rewarding careers if one has the talent, work ethic, and fortitude to stick with it.

Before one even applies for a position as a stock trader, it is fundamental for them to be minutely familiar with the NYSE stock market, the Dow Jones stock exchange, and, of course, understand how get a NYSE or Dow Jones stock quote. This means they have to be on top of which companies and stocks are hot, and those that are not. During this day and age, one would be hard pressed to find many stocks hotter than internet stocks.

According to the latest from NASDAQ, Yahoo stock is currently under 28 dollars per share On the other hand, Google stocks come in at over 866 dollars per share, which is a drop of almost 3.82 percent from Friday, August 23, 2013. Given the current status of Google as the number one search engine on the web, this should not be surprising.

Regardless of the distance that currently exists between Yahoo and Google, it is impossible to determine the profitability of Yahoo stock by glancing at the Dow Jones stock market today. The best indicator at the potential of Yahoo stock can be found by analyzing Yahoo historical stock prices.

By looking at the Yahoo historical stock prices, traders can determine the best time to buy and sell Yahoo stock. This is because the activity of Yahoo stock can be compared from the first day that Yahoo stock became available on Wall Street. For example, by looking at Yahoo historical stock prices, one can instantly see that the value of Yahoo stock reached its zenith way back in 2000, when it exceeded 110 dollars per share.

Although the value of Yahoo stock has dropped considerably over the last 13 years, Yahoo stock prices have been relatively consistent since reaching an all time low of less than 10 dollars per share between 2001 and 2003. In fact, the current value of Yahoo stock is at its highest level since the pre Great Recession days of 2007.

When it comes to making money trading stocks, being able to make accurate predictions is half the battle. And statistical tools like Yahoo historical stock prices are one of the primary resources to which stock traders continually turn. As far as the other half of the battle, it just might be luck.

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