The Finances of Porta Potty Businesses


Two factors are at the heart of running any business: marketing and finances. This video discusses what marketing is needed for your portable toilet business. While both marketing and finances are equally important, it is marketing that fuels finances. Marketing is responsible for bringing profits in, and finances manage those profits to create increased business through strategic marketing efforts. It’s a delicate cycle that needs proper management to keep functioning.

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The Importance of Finances


Have you ever heard the saying, “You need money to make money?” This is true for any business venture. Before starting your portable toilet business, you must have some funds to invest in purchasing products. Even if you only start with one portable toilet, build from there. The first year of running a business requires a lot of skill at working effectively with finances to ensure it doesn’t run dry and end up stranding your business and that you can build.


Proper finance management means taking every penny and doubling or even tripling it where possible. The most important fact you must know is that you’ll likely not see profits in the first year. During this period, your goal will be to break even. The break-even point refers to the calendar month where the income and expenses of your business cancel each other out, and you neither make a profit nor a loss.


You must muster finances and marketing to succeed in your porta potty rental in Fort Wayne, IN.


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