Engagement Ring Trends for 2022


If you are thinking about proposing this year, then it’s time to start budgeting and saving. Saving up for an engagement ring can be a difficult endeavor, so when you finally pop the question, it’s important that you have the perfect ring to wow your partner. Before you go shopping and pick out your favorite ring, it is important to check out what is trending right now in the engagement ring sphere, and what style would best reflect your partner’s personality. This video shares some of the top trends in diamond rings for 2022 to get you started.

Two-stone engagements rings are coming into style this year, offering a new take on the traditional engagement ring style. Additionally, more bold choices in colors, settings, and aesthetics are making their way into the mainstream.

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The three stone trilogy diamond ring boasts three stones instead of one, creating a stunning piece that is sure to wow your partner’s friends and family. Oval-shaped stones are becoming more common as well, bringing new shapes to the table without going too overboard. Double bands add an elegant and modern touch to a ring as well.


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