Buying and Installing Custom Shades


Shades provide privacy and make it easier to control light levels during the day. That said, buying and designing custom shades may take a bit more effort, but the end results are often worth it. If you need to install custom shades, there are a few steps you can take to make things easier.

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First, you’ll want to get together the right tools. You’re going to need a screw driver, probably a flathead or Phillips, but that’ll depend on the specifics of your shades. You’ll also need a level, pliers, a pencil, scissors, and a measuring tape. You’ll need a power drill with a 3/32 bit as well.

The above tools are the general tools you’ll typically need while installing custom shades. That said, you should also check any instructions that came with the shades. The tools needed may vary slightly from shades to shades.

Your shades will likely come with mounting brackets, screws, and other parts and bits. It’s smart to grab some bowls or Tupperware to put small parts in so that they don’t get lost. Most likely, you’ll need a step stool or ladder. Remember to always exercise safety and ensure that everything is secure.

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