Broker-Dealers Compared with Investment Advisers


There are about 117,000 investment companies in the United States and there is a lot of confusion about what the difference is between certified broker dealers, investment advisors, and a broker dealer. This video helps to clarify what each of these professionals bring to the table.

A certified broker dealer has gotten the certification through the broker dealer exam. FINRA licensing exams are exams that provide certifications in a range of financial professions.

Each financial professional offers similar services but uses different methods of providing those services. It can get confusing. If you are interested in investing or getting financial advice this is a video you do not want to miss. The video will help you to understand who you should be working with to reach your financial goals.

This video goes through what the various financial professionals have to offer and how each financial professional navigates helping you manage your money differently. This short video can help even the novice to better understand what these financial professionals can bring to the table.

Watch this video now to learn more about what certification means and what services are available to you.

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