Basic Facts about Stock Markets and Stock Indexes


New york stock exchange hours

If you are planning to invest, there are some basic facts about stock markets and the stock market indexes that you should know. One of the most well known stock indexes is the Dow Jones Industrial Average, also known as the Dow. This index displays the trading session results of the 30 largest companies based in the US. It is the second oldest US market index.

The Dow Jones stock quotes give an idea of how the overall economy is fairing, and the Dow Jones stock quote can be influenced by domestic events such as hurricanes and other national disasters, and foreign political events as well. The Dow Jones stock market today continues to influence as well as showcase the state of the economy, and in 2013, it surpassed the 15,000 mark.

The New York Stock Exchange, also known as the NYSE stock exchange, is a trading floor that is located at 11 Wall Street, that is also a designated National Historical Landmark. The New York Stock Exchange hours are nine thirty until four pm, and during this time people trade constantly throughout the day until the stock market closing is announced at four. Many fortunes are built and destroyed over the course of a single seven and a half hour session.

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