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Give Yourself a Competitive Edge in the Stock Market by Taking the Time to Learn Options Trading

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Learning how to invest in a stock market is a great way for people to either supplement their income or change their career altogether. While there are certainly plenty of risks associated with investing in stocks, and nobody can ever be guaranteed success, it can be very rewarding. For many, the best way to get involved in stocks is by taking the time to learn options trading. It might be a bit more complex and risky than other strategies, but the gains can be huge. As a result, it can be quite enticing for those who are looking to make serious profits in the market.

The best reason to learn options trading is simple. The potential returns are higher than for other stock market investments. At the most basic level, buying options al

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Overstock Accepts Bitcoins as a Way to Increase Customer Retention

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Most media sites have been eagerly reporting on the bitcoin digital currency for the past several months, and interest seemed to hit a new high when announced it would be the first retailer to accept bitcoins as payment. Considering that bitcoin value has been largely volatile so far, and the number of people who use it are relatively small, this seems to have been a PR move more than anything else.

The Importance of Loyal Customers

As far as PR moves go, though, it might prove to have been effective. “We will tap into a significant group of loyal customers,” explained the company’s chairman, Patrick Byrne. It’s no secret that loyal customers make great customers. Studies show that 80% of a company’s future profits will come from 20% of existing customers. Why? Loyal, o

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Stock Prices History is your resource for historic stock quotes, wall street gainers and losers, stock purchase recommendations, business news, stock quotes, and local weather.

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