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New york stock exchange hours

When the contemporary American hears the term “stock market,” they will immediately envision images of the NYSE stock exchange, and, what appears to be, utter chaos just before the stock market closing bell. This perception is understandable for the majority of individuals, because the closest they will ever get to the stock exchange is through their television screens.

What few folks ever see, however, are the hundreds of stock brokers cloistered away in their lonely cubicles, trading over the phone, eyeing five different computer screens, flashing hand signals to colleagues, and referencing the stock price’s history. Although stock brokers are well paid, their job is often listed among the 10 to 15 most stressful careers.

The history of the stock market can be traced back to 12th ce

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Your Foreclosed Home Search

How to buy a forclosed home

If you are interested or already involved in real estate investment, REO properties may be able to help you to take your business or investments to a new level. Real estate owned, or REO, properties are foreclosed properties that are presently owned and “occupied” by the bank that foreclosed. Houses, trailers, condominiums, and basically any form of real estate can be REO. Foreclosure is the process by which a bank comes to own a property. It evicts the previous owners, pays off any outstanding debts on the property, and takes title. Now the property is an REO property.

Foreclosed properties are usually put up for auction shortly after the foreclosure, but frequently they do not sell, forcing the bank to hold onto the property and to sell it through other means. This gives potential buyers

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Stock Prices History

Stock Prices History is your resource for historic stock quotes, wall street gainers and losers, stock purchase recommendations, business news, stock quotes, and local weather.

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